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What did we do?

L.S.V. Minerva is based in Leiden, the city with the oldest University in The Netherlands, which is also home to L.S.V. Minerva, the oldest student association. Minerva has 50.000 alumni and among them are members of parliament, business men and our beloved king.

They requested a new and updated website for their alumni. The old version was due for a refresh, consequently we developed a brand new website for Minerva built with the web standards of today. 


The bulk of their website and technology behind it is not visible. This includes a login section for its members containing an extensive alumni search, forum, news, photos and extensive calendar. The admin back-end was upgraded together with a more user friendly UI.

The payment system was completely renovated, along with giro and other new payment technologies of today, like Ideal and Paypal. In addition, it was important that the payment system could work closely with the administration, management and member databases.

L.S.V. Minerva
Responsive website, forum with invoicing email
Non profit
Email sollutions

Invoicing email

For years L.S.V. Minerva billed there alumni with a pre-printed giro credit slip. Our programmers came up with a billing email. This email includes a link which makes it easy for the alumni to pay their contribution online. With this transition L.S.V. Minerva saves over 25.000 Euro each year on billing costs.

Social media

Alumni Forum

To improve the interaction on the Minerva Alumni Platform, we designed and programmed a responsive forum to serve as a social meeting point.

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